EVER-LASTING POWER ( New devise generate clean and free energy )

   Thanks for taking time on reading my message
inventor from Egypt and i invented
Permanent magnet perpetual engine  

I have discovered new way to produce
electricity from magnetic flux
And this power source can provide clean energy
This invention which name Everlasting Power
Can be the solution for all world problems
Like Pollution and Global warming
I know it sounds crazy breaking all Laws of motion for
Newton but I succeeded in theory using Faraday laws
Making new device Can make power from nothing.
To use the magnetic power to make forever electric power
My idea is really new and will change the world as you know
It’s look like the Particle accelerator in the Nuclear reactor
But in my case it’s working forever using permanent magnets
For two decades now I have been searching the planet for exotic free energy technologies that can bring us clean, renewable, practical, dependable, and affordable energy in a distributed manner — freeing us from our dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and all the control and pollution that comes with it. I have been of the conviction that the emergence of such a technology could revolutionize the planet, empower individuals (literally and figuratively), boost the economy, and help facilitate the emergence of a more peaceful, responsible, freedom-based civilization.
Finally I found the forgetting mystery it’s one of the primary
source of energy in the cosmos
The Magnetic Power
My idea device is not like any one I found in Google
It suppose to make new permanent magnets pattern can provide continuous force
In a single direction pointing them attraction and repulsion balance to produce endless movement making one magnet moves forever and using the intersection of lines of magnetic flux with isolated coils to generate free electricity
In short, this device capable of producing unlimited free energy with zero environmental impact.
Just imagine never wanting for energy again. Imagine no coal fired power plants belching out black soot and pollutants to satisfy our gluttonous energy needs, but rather, electric generators in every basement. Imagine cars with NO exhaust and no engine noise that can’t run out of gas and deliver more horsepower than most sports cars of today. Imagine no gas stations contaminating our ground water, no oil barges or derricks spilling crude. Imagine no power lines, no pipe lines, no wind turbines, no solar panel arrays, no hydroelectric dams cluttering up our landscapes. Imagine taking a breath of fresh air again or basking in the sun without fear of cancer. Imagine restoring and
Please note that my idea like no other
I searched the Google and I found many not working projects in
They all have the Common Mistakes like
In every project I found the inventor is trying to produce the perpetual motion
Without taking into account the friction and the resulting loss in energy
In my idea there is not any kind of friction or any kind of energy loss
On the contrary, the speed of the moving magnet will multiply
Under the influence of the difference in pressure it will reach the speed of light
In seconds making me believe that there are many theories Based on my invention device
Like time traveling according to Einstein and
Optical configuration of metals according to Newton theories
Making perpetual motion is not impossible as many people think but
I believe there is a Zionist conspiracy to hide it from all to dominate the world by controlling the petroleum and Measure the currency units using it
So I need your help to get my idea to the light (save the planet)
Spread this article let everybody know truth
       Moahmed Khalifa
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